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Hey Mariko -BF is in Portland tonight and I'm so jeluaos I couldn't go with him. He's visiting our dear, dear friends. Of course, I told him, You know you could go visit Super Eggplant while you're there . I don't understand why, but he decided to take a pass. Next time (when I join him on a trip to Portland) he won't escape the knitting escapades so easily. ; )Happy knitting,Jennifer


Интересно, прикольно, супер


it is? We can't.The sites maintain that the paitncipart must agree to go, and unless records indicate otherwise, they aren't violating their rules. They seem to do a lot more than the anti-gay brainwashing that might actually be positive. People *do* recover from addictions by asserting their faith.So, rather than stirring things up on one case that can't be proven, some people would need to get together, do some legitimate research, and present a case to the appropriate people in a professional manner. If a systematic problem can be shown to exist, it is a lot harder for lawmakers to ignore. furthermore, if they do ignore it, the objective information gained can be sent to the mass media. Public scrutiny in that way always puts pressure on the government to take some sort of action, whereas angry people in the streets can be made to look like nutcases, allowing matters to be swept under the rug rather than dealt with.

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