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As for vicousness, let's not foergt Laura's spoof mailers from the 2010, taking GOP mailpieces and adding little hitler mustaches, placing swastikas all over the place, referring to the Republican Club as the gestopo. What does that do for public discourse and open dialogue? abslutely zero! Now that hatred and insensitivity is not only disingenuous and asinine(your words), it's mentally unhealthy. Maybe she didn't make them, but she did post them. Have to wonder just how loose the screws are for all people involved. Bring the Nazis into it all of a sudden you're not just offending GOP sympathizers .


It wasn't the unions that deatfeed Rogers .she deatfeed herself with her bully tactics & unwillingness to work with anyone who didn't agree with her. She wasn't a good politician nor statesman, she wanted to be a dictator (hence the Nazi comparison). People who excell in politics know how to work with their opposition, not alienate them. Do you REALLY believe that we would be better off with her at the helm??? I don't. And, a lot of non-union residents believed (& still believe) she wasn't the best choice.

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